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Why Your Business Needs a Venture Capital Consultant

Financing your business through a venture capitalist not only gives you the money you need to get your ideas off the ground; you also receive the expertise and guidance of your consultant.  You could end up making better business decisions in areas such as human resources or financial management, both vital components of most young businesses, and often the most overlooked by new business owners.


Is venture capital a good option for my business?” First, consider your hurdles, then the many benefits of hiring a venture capitalist consultant to your business development team:



Companies under two years old can find it difficult, if not impossible to raise capital; often they have no access to bank loans or other forms of financing.  This is why venture capital has become a prominent, often necessary, source of capital for young businesses. Many of the most profitable companies in America were able to get off the ground through financing from venture capitalists.  Not only does venture capital lend much needed financial support to new companies, they also provide their advice and prestige by their sheer presence.

As a driver of economic growth, the United States venture capital industry is envied throughout the world.  It is estimated more than 80% of the money invested by venture capitalists is used in a company’s infancy to build the foundation required to nurture the business in marketing, sales and manufacturing (expense investments), and providing working capital and fixed assets (balance sheet investments).

Your venture capital firm can provide you with ready support in such key areas as personnel, tax, and legal matters, right from the beginning, when it is vital for your company’s success and growth.  It is nearly impossible to wear every hat and you may not have expertise in every aspect of your business. A venture capitalist has the experience and resources to guide you toward reaching your business goals.

Choosing your venture capitalist is a personal process; a relationship with Humble Capital Consulting of New York and Miami could boost your new business.

Jason Humble, CEO of Humble Capital Consulting, has acquired vast and varied experience during his years in the corporate world.  Not only is he an expert in different sectors of raising capital for pre-IPO Intellectual Properties, Mr. Humble capitalizes and helps manage risk on currencies across major worldwide markets as a trader.  His investing expertise includes experience in cryptocurrency, commodities and Forex markets.  Mr. Humble has a reputation for cultivating winning atmospheres, developing talent, increasing revenue, and solving problems.

Mr. Humble has gained a wealth of knowledge from his experience in both sales and marketing for various Fortune 500 companies, earning top honors as MVP and elite performer.  He is a former executive vice president of one of the preeminent pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Jason Humble and Humble Capital Group have industry experience in consulting for a sizeable range of companies.

With support to companies dealing in many industries including film and technology, as well as many other productive, well-planned intellectual properties, Humble Capital Group offers proven knowledge and experience.  Jason Humble’s team has helped to raise millions of dollars in capital for many companies – reflecting senior, subordinated and mezzanine debt, and venture and private equity.  Backed by enduring relationships with the top providers of equity capital and private debt, Humble Capital Group supports their clients to achieve many objectives including raising growth and capital, acquisition, refinancing, recapitalization, and non-recourse project financing.


Throughout his life, Jason Humble has taken on challenges; his venture capital consulting firm is just one of his many successes.

At a young age, Mr. Humble had to start relying on his wits; he never knew his father and his mother passed when he was a just a young child.  He remained determined to excel as a student and an accomplished athlete in spite of growing up in the turmoil and uncertainty of foster care.  He attended Florida Southern College and graduated from Hyack Christian College with honors, earning a degree in Communications, as well as completing his MBA in Business Entrepreneurship.

The obstacles he overcame as a child and young man not only amply prepared him for the corporate world, but made him an exceptional role model for kids – a role he takes very seriously and accepts with pride.  He encourages young people to embrace their hardships and hurdles and accept who they are.  Mr. Humble serves on the board of the Precious Dreams Foundation, an organization actively supporting the needs of homeless and foster children.  The Precious Dreams Foundation employs a unique approach to positive reinforcement by using bedtime necessities to help children to recognize and focus on their dreams.

Growing businesses in New York and Miami will benefit from the experience of CEO of Humble Capital group, Jason Humble.

This is no need to struggle; Jason Humble can help your business avoid common stumbling blocks and growing pains.  To get started, go to http://humblecapitalgroup.com/contact-us/ and fill out a brief online form.



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